Under the Public Access Scheme where no solicitors are involved in the proceedings the legal fees payable to a barrister by the client will be significantly lower and costs effective. All fees payable are agreed in advance before I commence work on a particular case. There are not hidden charges under any circumstances whatsoever.

Fees must be agreed on a fixed basis and should be paid for in advance. The fixed fee will be calculated on a case-by case basis as requirements are tailored individually and are determined by the complexity of the case, the level of preparation required and the length of the hearing, if advocacy is also required.

Wherever possible I will try to quote a fixed fee for the following services – advocacy, preparing advices, negotiations, drafting court orders and opinions. However, in some instances it is not possible to quote a fixed fee because the case is particularly complex or entails considerable legal research. In those circumstances I will charge an hourly rate which will be agreed before I commence work on such cases.

VAT is added on all fees which are payable in advance.


If you would like a quote or would like to make an enquiry about the fees / rates charged for a particular piece of a work, please feel free to contact me or my clerk to discuss your requirements.

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