Legal research is an important aspect in legal practice lglrand every piece of legal work necessitates some element of research. I was a postgraduate research scholar at the University of Liverpool where I successfully submitted a 100,000 word thesis on “Electronic Banking Law” for the Master of Law (LLM) degree in the Department of Commercial Law.

The research skills and experience coupled with a sound knowledge about legal formalities, laws, rules and regulations and the ability to communicate effectively verbally, electronically and in writing have provided me with a useful tool to conduct quality legal research in areas of law within my practice. I have also acquired sufficient skills and experience on how and where to find authoritative and relevant legal information and I have the tenacity and commitment necessary to conduct thorough and intensive research that covers every aspect of a particular case which goes beyond the basic information.

Moreover, my research methodology skills enabled me to carry out research into the darker areas and novel aspects of the law and incorporate them into written work and advices. I use a combination of various research processes, methods and methodologies to formulate, investigate and analyse research topics, questions and hypothesis.

My main methods associated with legal research methodology among others is  based on analysis of case law, legislations, library base research, the use of bibliographic and legal materials, computer base sources, through generic research skills, empirical, quantitative and qualitative methods of research. In addition, I also apply theoretical and applied research procedures to explore the techniques for collecting, analyzing and interpreting research findings to resolve issues in dispute.

I do undertake legal research work in areas of my expertise. This includes both academic and on points of law to resolve a particular issue in dispute.


If you wish to instruct me to undertake legal research work on a particular area of law within my areas of expertise or would like to know more, or make an enquiry about a specific matter in relation to legal research please feel free to contact me or my clerk to discuss your requirements.